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If your email marketing strategy is not effective, what exactly is missing? You will find facts much interesting!

Email Marketing Strategy 2017 by BitveroSending emails has long been a favorite marketing technique among Search Engine Marketers (SEMs) for one simple reason:

It works.

Yes, email is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business…

…But only if it’s done right.

Every marketing channel has its own unique intricacies to understand and challenges to come, and email is certainly no different.

Thankfully, those challenges are getting easier to overcome thanks to the fast pace of development in modern technology.  Today, many email marketing tools are available free of charge.

These are both incredibly easy to use and incredibly powerful, enough to send personalized bulk emails to customers around the world and again easy to use, these tools are powerful enough to send personalized bulk emails,

But wait a minute….

If everything you need to do email marketing is available for free and easy to use, then what’s the catch?

Why isn’t your strategy working?

The answer is very simple☺

Take a minute to evaluate the steps you are currently taking, and there’s a high probability that you will realize:

  • Either you are not using the targeted database!
  • Or the content of your mail is not effective enough!
  • Or the defined strategy in your mail campaign is not workable
  • Or all of the above

Those are the most common reasons why the majority of email marketing services fails to deliver 🙁

The good news, is that there’s lots of quick and easy steps you can take to overcome all of these issues. Let’s look at each one in turn:

Targeted Database

The best and most recommended way of reaching customers is to create your own database of subscribers by publishing high-quality content in the form of text, audio, video.

Do this on regular basis and create the kind of content your audience will be eager to receive more of, so much so that they’ll gladly subscribe to make sure they don’t miss a single one of your posts.

Open Rate

This is the most crucial aspect in email marketing service…


Because there is no point in doing email marketing service at all if your message is going to land in a junk folder and be left unread.

This is important for all types of database, but especially those you’ve spent money on to buy in from a third-party.

You could spend £££, send out a mail to that bought-in database, only to realize later that the  open rate is less than 20%. Meanwhile, the database you built yourself has a higher open rate of 20% – 30%.

Thought that was surprising? Just wait till you see the following example:

In this database of 449 subscribers only 117 opened the newsletter and 332 left unopened.  Around5% bounced unsubscribed

You will also observe only 6 unique clicks:

Open rate in Email marketing explained

Best Email Marketing Tool in 2017 by Bitvero Which Email Marketing Tool you are planning to use? And what is the best open rate?

Achieving an open rate of 25% is only possible if you are using a reputed Email Marketing Tool.

For example, if you are planning to use, or already using, Mail Chimp with a database you bought from another company, you’ll find that their in-built, automated spam control system, Omnivore, will immediately block you as soon as you start sending your first Newsletter.

So, we suggest using Mailchimp only if you are planning to build your own database of qualified subscribers by publishing high-quality content on your website.

Tip: Do not consider Mail Chimp with your outsourced database as they will not allow and you will end up blocked by Omnivore

Still, don’t be too surprised if you end up blocked even with your own personalized database.

Why does this happen?

Mail Chimp’s automated ‘Omnivore’ system is generic and generally blocks sending activity based on IP addresses by region. ☹

We have suggested Mail Chimp to make improvements in Omnivore!


Email Marketing Mailchimp Fact 2017 by Bitvero How do we plan email marketing Consultancy?

We formulate an effective strategy, keeping in mind:

  • Target audience
  • Our customer perceptions & ideas
  • Product or service we are marketing
  • Unique selling points (USP)

Once we are done with the above: We carefully and diligently hand-craft each aspect of your campaign, including:

  • Targeted database curation (Usually takes days)
  • Content creation, keeping in mind customer perceptions, product or service details, USP and Call to Actions (CTA)
  • Compelling landing pages for conversions
  • Lastly analyses report and see how effective the campaign was by looking how many prospects opened the mail.

Based on this report, we plan the next recurring mail in the campaign, or a brand-new mailer entirely.

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