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Always thought achieving better Google rankings was as simple as optimising your web pages? Think again

Search engine optimisation is entirely a different process from search engine marketing and both are interrelated with each other

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Everybody is talking about search marketing, content marketing, brand marketing, and social marketing….

Add in countless other marketing channels, say paper ads, television promos, boards, posters, hoardings, banners, PPC for example, and what you’re left with is this:

Complete marketing overload!

Marketing, marketing & marketing….

It’s enough to make you yell:

Hey! Enough Guys….Give me a break!

Especially when you’re not getting the results you expected.

Are you missing something with your marketing?

Are you tired of reading the same old SEO success stories, only to get nowhere when you try and replicate the results for yourself?

Ever tried using the same old techniques  but find yourself disappointed, muttering a disheartened

Well, thanks, that’s cool….but so what?

Have you ever found yourself shaking your head, crying out?

This is not what I wanted! I applied all the SEO and marketing techniques and I’m still not getting the right results! What am  doing wrong?

Who are we?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions, then we’ve got some good news for you:

You’ve come to the right people.

….We are @Bitvero – A trusted digital marketing agency in London

So guys,

Here’s the secret:

Be patient, as patience is the key to your success.

Are you surprised that it could be so simple? , Don’t be. We really mean it, so much so that we’ll say it again:

Patience is the key….

Let us explain:

Have a look at the brand you are promoting

We’re sure you’ve seen it many times before, but look at it again now as we tell you the easy way to create the results you need.

You’ll be surprised when you discover what you’ve been missing all along…

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