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Wheels for Less is a London-based pre-owned vehicle dealer company that provides services throughout the UK. It was established in 2006, and since then, the company has been offering its customers a selection of handpicked and high-quality top car models.

Project Vision

The founders of Wheels for Less envisioned their website to adapt to modern design and functionality. Thus, they asked to revamp their existing website by providing a contemporary look and advanced functionality.

Challenges for us

The main challenge was with one of the sections of the website where we had to showcase brand new services of the company.  They had expanded their services to provide the repair of Bentley MMI. We were required to highlight the money-back guarantee USP and also cover various generations of  Bentley for which the company would provide radio repair.

Solutions we applied

We choose a dark theme for the design so the website gives a luxurious feel as a symbol of lavish cars. Also, we featured the stock images of luxurious cars model that the company would deal in.

Also, we redesign their logo to make it look more classy and give a clear idea of company services.

For their Bently MMI service, we integrated the payment gateway so the customer could directly purchase the website conveniently.

The Final Delivery

Once we were done redesigning the website, we took it to the client for reviews. Once the client was satisfied and asked us to proceed ahead, we made it live.  The founder of Wheelfoess applauded our efforts and partnered with us in an ongoing project that included website maintenance and social media marketing.

Pro Av Install is a Home Automation Design & Installation service company based in London. The company covers residential and commercial spaces to provide innovative solutions focusing on convenience and comfort. It was established in 2006 and collaborated with us in 2018 for its website design and digital marketing needs.

The Brief

Pro AV Install collaborated with us in 2018 to breathe a new life into their businesses. they were striving to gain popularity in the market, and they wanted us to provide digital marketing solutions that could effectively promote their service and help them to become a known brand.

Challenges we faced

Our main challenge was that Home Automation service was not common among people, and only a segment of the population could afford it. Due to this, their targeted keywords had very low search density. Despite this, the company wanted us to rank them on Google organically, citing that they can not afford to run PPC ads.  

Solutions we Applied

First, we redesigned their website, as it was slow and outdated. We chose an appealing theme and created effective content with targeted keywords.

 We carefully selected more than 100 keywords and incorporated them strategically into the content with proper keyword proximity and density.

We mainly optimise the Wesbite for keywords like Control4 Dealer, Crestron Dealers“, and Lutron Dealers

To promote their business on social media, we developed a solid strategy focused on organic efforts rather than paid ads.

We made it!

The client experienced a significant boost in their market position due to our efforts, and almost 90% of our chosen keywords helped them appear in top search results. Furthermore, they started getting business enquiries not only through contact forms but also through phone calls.  They were so satisfied with the outcomes, so they remain in an ongoing partnership with us for more than six years.

Based in Hong Kong, Check Ministry is an employee background check service company offering services worldwide to employers looking for reliable employees. They ensure FCRA compliance and offer almost all kinds of employee screening services, such as identity verification and social media presence checks.

Client’s Vision for the Project

The client had a specific design vision for their website. They wanted a simple yet professional style with precise content.  Apart from this, they wanted a basic onsite SEO that would cover their USPs in an effective manner. 

Challenges for us

One of the main challenges was defining their services in a short and precise way that too with a quick turnaround time. For this, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the website content, functionality and overall design were up to their taste and that their vision was reflected accurately.

Solutions we applied

Once we got the project, we started conducting thorough research into their industry and competitors so that we could understand the unique regulation to write content accordingly and improve their search engine ranking better.

While designing the website, we mainly focused on maintaining professionalism which is why we chose images that looked professional and selected high-quality videos that were accurately representing the company’s service

For the theme of the website, we chose a combination of white and blue colours so that it looks more professional. White was used to keep the background clean and uncluttered, while blue was used to highlight important elements such as USPs. For text, we used black to give a sense of elegance and credibility.

The font we used was Plus Jakarta which is known for its professional look. Also, we optimized the size and weight of the font for better readability.

Project Completion & Client Satisfaction

Once we were done designing the website, we took it for the review of the client. The client found it more user-friendly than the previous one. They were fully satisfied with the content that concisely gave the picture of company services. They appreciated our work and rewarded us with two more projects.

Infinityv is a buying agency located in London. When approached with their project, they were going through hard times as their website was facing a penalty from Google that resulted in the suppression of their rankings.  The penalty was imposed because a third party had copied their whole website, including content and theme.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to recover their website from the blunder by requesting Google to remove the penalty imposed.

The Solutions

First, we requested Google to reconsider the decision to impose a penalty by providing it with proof of the website being copied.

Once the penalty was removed, we started redesigning the website with a new theme. We developed fresh content that was original and unique. To improve their ranking on Google, we conducted a thorough search for their keywords, and after selecting the most relevant one, we integrated them into the website with proper density and proximity.

The Conclusion

All our efforts paid off as the penalty was lifted, and the website became visible. Gradually, Google crawled all the pages, consequently improving their ranking. The selected keywords worked well, making the website appear visible in the top 10 results of SERP.