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All about Google & your data privacy

Does Google collect your data and breach my privacy? Yes, Google collects your data on how you use its devices, services and apps…
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Online Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is More Important than Ever during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Amidst all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's one thing all businesses can be sure of: Unlike these challenging times, digital marketing…
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2020 seo trends

2020 SEO Trends – The 10 most important factors

The document will give you an overview of 2020 SEO trends. We are summarising the list of 10 best tips trending in 2020.…
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Website Support Cost – What exactly should I pay?

If you are looking for website support cost, you have come to the right place. Here are the figures of website support for…
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Website Redesign

Website redesign? 95% of websites suffering speed score

We will consider a website redesign strategy during the following situations. Either the design looks datedRebranding occursWebsite overhaul due to significant updatesPlanning a…
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Structured Data For SEO

Structured data for SEO & winning Rich Snippets

Learning structured data for SEO requires understanding the essence of its very presence which directly relates to the fact “that machines work with…
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Bitvero - Website Redesigned

A brand new experience with Bitvero

Friends I am glad to present you the new face of Bitvero, fresh and functional, light & crispy, a wholly unique experience with…
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Google Display Network

Easy Guide To Start A Google Display Network

What is the Google display network? Google Ads formally AdWords is divided in search network and display network, a search network is when…
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Website Design Process 2018

Bespoke or a template based website design, which method to consider and why? However, web design Industry follows only two different types of…
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Google PPC Setup Cost


The guide ensures you to keep necessary tools handy and gives you a walkthrough of the setup process which includes essential account creation…
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