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PPC Advertising

High & low volume search keywords and their selection

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising remains Google’s flagship product. It’s the one area of their business that continues to reap the most rewards for the search giant and, if used effectively, can be the one thing that reaps the most rewards for your business too. What’s the secret to using PPC effectively?   Keywords. The…

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Am I paying too much for SEO? How can I be sure that my SEO consultants are not over charging me? 🙁 Is there any SEO tool I can use to calculate  SEO cost? What’s the actual difference between low cost and high cost SEO anyway? If you’ve ever found yourself pondering any of these…

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Do you need SEO

Why SEO is Optional but Highly Recommended in Website Design

By now, you’ve likely at least heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Often referred to by some experts as on-page, or on-site, SEO, this one-off process is usually packed by website design companies as an optional, add-on service… …But is SEO really all that optional? ☺ Before we answer that, there’s one other very important…

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