Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click Management Services

As Google’s flagship product, Pay per Click advertising (formally known as Google AdWords) delivers the fastest and easiest way to appear in search results.


If you thought that simply making higher payments for a keyword guarantees a higher position in search results – Think again!

The Google PPC algorithm uses a unique system of quality scoring to determine the quality of both your individual keyword bid, and your overall campaign.

The higher the quality score – the higher the position in paid search results.

How do Google determine your quality score?

Google adwords CTR & Quality Score 2017 by BitveroThe main factor is CTR (Click through Rate).

In other words, the higher the Click through Rate of any given keyword, the higher it scores, and the higher it is placed in results by Google.

Simple, right?

…but do you know that CTR depends on your ad text and landing page, and how relevant they are to users.

Think of it this way:

The greater the relevance, the higher the clicks. And as we’ve already discovered:

Higher clicks means better CTR, and better CTR means a higher quality score.

So, it’s actually possible to appear higher in Google paid search results even with a low Cost per Click (CPC).

The formula of Google Ad Rank can be summed up like this:






The formula for Quality Score looks like this:






What is Paid Search Position and How does Google Determine It?
It’s possible that if your Ad Rank is low, you could end up paying more for your ad and yet still rank lower than your competition! ☹
Let’s be honest, that’s the last thing you want.
The formula looks like this:







Quality Score is Key in Pay Per Click by a trusted PPC Management Services in London

If you are new to Google AdWords and want to know how it works, this video explains everything:

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If you don’t want to right now, that’s fine too, we’re just happy you’re still with us, because now we’re going to delve into the really fascinating side of Google PPC.

This is what an AdWords campaign looks like:

The best part is that Google gives you complete flexibility, so you can tailor each of your campaigns to meet different requirements.

 For example…

Location Targeting in Pay Per Click Advertising

…You can set a particular location to target and your ad will appear exactly where you chose. Whether you want to target:

A particular county…

A certain radius…

Several  different places in a single campaign…

It’s all possible with location targeting.

The image below shows you location group targeting, radius targeting, bulk locations, custom targeting.


You might also want to know:

The main campaign settings in Pay Per Click Advertising

This chart will shows you just that:

Pay Per Click


Call Only


Content Based

Search with Display Network

Where on Internet ad appear

Scheduling start & end

Rotation & Frequency

When is the best time to start a Google Pay Per Click Advertising?

Google Adwords Campaign starting By BitveroThis is the million dollar question, and can actually determine your ROI (Return On Investments) from Pay Per Click.

A high percentage of Pay Per Click advertising agencies suggest that customers simply start a PPC campaign as and when needed….

….At Bitvero, we do things differently.

Based on our experience and proven track record of results, we recommend starting a Pay Per Click advertising campaign only after Search Engine Optimisation of your website is done.

This makes sure to show that your ads are directing visitors to fully optimised landing pages, and as we discussed earlier…

Landing pages are vital for achieving a high Ad Rank and actually affect your bidding.

Optimise your website pages first before starting a Google Pay Per Click Management Service

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PPC Management Services

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Now, let’s move forward and look at the role of keywords and the Google bidding process.

Keywords and bidding process

PPC Keywords by BitveroGoogle provides its own keyword planner tool in AdWords’ campaign management dashboard. With this, you can determine:

Avg. monthly volume searches
Suggested bid


Google typically suggests a wide range of keywords, which may be great for flexibility and give you lots more options, but here’s something to remember that is vitally important:

Keywords bidding is the primary way that Google generates income, so, of course, they’re going to offer as many keywords as they can and compel you to select a number of them.

After all: The more you select, the more money Google makes…….but look:

Selection of keywords is so vital to this whole process that this alone can make or break your AdWords campaign…

…So you have to be very, very careful when it comes to choosing the best:

#High & low volume search keywords

#Long tail & short tail keywords

Make the wrong keywords selection here, and you will lose money instead of generating new business.☹

Here is a snapshot of keywords and their average. Monthly searches. This shows the short keyword ‘SEM’ has been searched 6000 times in UK..

And the long tail keyword ‘Search Engine Optimization London’ has been searched 30 times in UK

PPC Facts by Bitvero Using these statistics, you can determine your total volume searches for your business keywords and which ones are likely to produce the best results for your campaign.

Google also suggests bids by looking at bids made by your competitors for the same keyword.

You can create as many campaigns with any number of keywords, but remember:

….Your ROI depends on the perfect combination your keyword selection, landing pages, Campaign score and Ad rank

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