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SEO & SEM Difference 2017 by BitveroThere is, but what exactly?

Until you know exactly what you’re doing wrong with your Search Engine Marketing, you’ll continue to waste not only your money, but also your precious time.

That’s why we’re here.

Today, we’ll reveal exactly what your Search Engine Marketing service is missing, and share the secrets of a successful SEM campaign.

Whether you’re starting SEM for a brand new website or an existing SEO website, the protocol used is the same.


We call it the Motorway Protocol.

What is that exactly?

Let us explain…

When you’re driving along the motorway, you’re bound to the rules and regulations of that motorway, following a single route that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Along the way, you’ll carry out multiple tasks and actions, from changing lanes to overtaking.

The only way is forward, and there are no U-turns.

Find that you’ve followed the wrong motorway or taken the wrong exit, and you’ll only end up investing more time, money, and effort to get back on the right motorway again.

With SEM Services, the technique known as the Motorway Protocol is much the same thing:

You’re bound to the rules and regulations of SEO as you follow a single route to your destination. In this instance, your destination is the results and Return on Investment you need from your online marketing efforts.

To get there means following a set route, carrying out tasks, and making sure not to take the wrong exit lest it cost you more time and money just to get back to where you started.

Motorway Protocol

Motorway Protocol in SEO By Bitvero

Now, when you’re trying to reach your destination on an actual motorway for the first time, you really only have two options available for figuring out which way to go:

Rely on your memory, which is something you can really only do if you’ve travelled this motorway many times before, or turn to some form of guidance, such as a map or Sat Nav.

For a first-time journey, we’re sure you’ll agree that having the SatNav handy is going to be the far better option for getting you where you need to be.

…This is exactly what happens in the Search Engine Marketing process, in which the only way to get to where you’re going is to rely on a carefully detailed, well-laid out map.

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Search Engine Marketing

Rather than junctions, slip roads and exits, our SEM Service looks like this: .

Search Engine Marekting by Bitvero

What will happens if we skip this Search Engine Marketing path?


We get lost, and have to spend even more time and money just to get to where we need to be.

To demonstrate, let’s take the example of content in SEO.

If the content of your website pages is not compelling enough to hold visitor attention, then visitors will leave your website. If this happens repeatedly, the chances are that Google will remove your website from search listings altogether, or at the very least drag your site further down its listings.

This is because it believe that if so many people left your website, it simply isn’t’ what people want when they search for a specific term.

…Now, let’s say that after skipping content creation, you went straight to Pay Per Click (PPC advertising), which means you have already spent a hefty sum of money, not to mention your valuable time, on researching and creating ads…

….Only to see people leaving your site in droves because your content isn’t up to scratch.

This high bounce rate not only means search penalties from Google, but also a complete waste of your money.

Likewise, if your website is not mobile optimised properly then your website keyword ranking will be dragged down.


Because with the majority of web users accessing websites via mobile devices, Google considers mobile optimisation to be one of the most important factors for determining how to rank its websites.


In the same manner, if your content is compelling but not optimized with anchor text, Hyperlinks etc. you will end up finding your website lower in search results than you would if it were fully optimised.

By now, you should be starting to get the idea: Everything has to be done in a specific order to produce the required results.

….What is the best route for Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Markting The Best Route by BitveroQuite frankly, there are no shortcuts?

But when it comes to Google searches, we get it:

You need results and you need them fast.


Not just any results either, you want to achieve top ranking in Google and other search engines…

…but look:

If you try to achieve this without following the right path, only one thing is going to happen:

You’re going to end up disappointed.

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Read on to learn about the individual elements involved in Search Engine Marketing, and how getting them right can make all the difference in your journey to the top of Google.

What are the key elements are in Search Engine Marketing Service?

Our chart explains the simple, straight-forward process required for effective search marketing.

Yet what it doesn’t explain is that, to achieve the best results, this has to be a recurring and evolving process with its own unique technicalities.

Without using ethical SEM practices such as the ones we use @Bitvero, creating and optimizing content to be published, syndicated, and promoted can prove to be an insurmountable challenge. Likewise, the wrong NAP information will likely do more harm than good for your business.

All of these elements must be addressed in the right order at the right time to get the most value from your SEM investment, and @Bitvero, that’s just what we do best.

Busting the Backlinks Myth

A common misconception in Search Engine Marketing is that having large number of backlinks will influence search bot and SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

This is a myth!

Here’s the truth:

A quality backlink can certainly influence the search bot and thus your position on search results pages.

The key word there is quality.

When it comes to backlinks, its quality, rather than quantity that counts.

Getting a quality backlink is only possible with quality content, the kind of content that adds value to people’s lives and compels them to share that content, comment on it, discuss it with their friends.

That’s the kind of content that gets results…

….Not cheap backlinks bought in bulk from multiple sources…

Google is a lot smarter than you think, and if you believe Google’s algorithm can’t tell when you’re buying in lots of backlinks…

Think again.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing key elements

We’re ready to help your business succeed with our industry leading content writing skills and proven SEM services & techniques. If you’re not ready for that stage, however, you may want to look at some of the other basic steps involved in Search Engine Optimisation first.

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