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Thought you could achieve top Google Rankings by webpage optimisation alone? Think again.

SEO by BitveroThough Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two very different processes, both need to be used together to deliver truly effective results.

Try and use one without the other, and you’ll only be seeing half the page rankings you could be enjoying by combining SEO and SEM.

You have looked into Search Engine Marketing  elsewhere @Bitvero, we are search engine optimisation consultant and today, we’re going to focus on Search Engine Optimisation:

What is it? How does it benefit your business? And what’s the most effective way to use it?

In its most basic sense, SEO is a process of modifying key elements of your website to improve user experience and performance in organic search results

This chart will show you the key elements of the Search Engine Optimisation process: We are @Bitvero – A trusted SEO agency in London

Search Engine Optimisation by SEO Consultant

Keyword research
Meta tag research & implementation
URL Rewriting
Headings Optimisation
Anchor Text Links
Image optimisation
Hyper link optimisation
Xml sitemap, Html sitemap
Creation and Implementation of Google Analytics
Creation and Optimisation of robots.txt
Webmasters setup & scanning
Content Optimisation
Mobile Compatibility
Rich Snippets (Schema and Open Graphics)

This process is exactly the same for brand new websites as it is for those that have been around for years.

To get the best results, the same processes must be followed. See for yourself

You can teach yourself about the basics of SEO thanks to a useful step-by-step guide to DIY SEO provided by Google.

If you want to read that, you can download the PDF here.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait here until you’re ready to continue.

OK, now that you’re back, there’s one thing that you really need to know:

Each and every one of those elements is vitally important. We cannot emphasize this enough, which is why…

We have put together this comprehensive list of SEO Dos & Don’ts.

Don’t have time for that right now? Prefer to talk to us directly about your Search Engine Optimisation requirements?

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Are onsite SEO Analysis Tools Accurate?You’ll be surprised! @Bitvero – Your Trusted SEO Agency in London

The Reality of Online SEO Analysis Tools by your trusted SEO Consultant:

SEO Tools by BitveroThere are scores of both free and paid SEO analysis tools available online that can generate a website optimisation report for you, but the big question you need to ask before using them is this:

Are they reliable?

These tools all produce reports using only a very limited number of parameters which ultimately fail to take into consideration many of the subtle nuances that go into making a successfully optimized site.

! For example, these tools fail to determine the flow of content and whether or not the anchor text is in line with content and image alt text.

These SEO analysis tools cannot determine the relevancy of your description and title text with your content, nor do they determine the relevancy of links with any given anchor text.

Want our advice? Don’t take them too seriously.

..Instead, Bitvero, SEO agency in London recommend #Google Webmasters tools which provide the most comprehensive and accurate analysis report of your website, including crawl errors and how to fix them.

This is what Google says about content
What Google Says For Content by Bitvero
“Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors”

When visitors see really good content, it inspires them to share it with others, whether that’s via blogs, social media, email, or any number of online platforms.  , This helps build your site’s reputation, as visitors recognize the quality of your content and the value that you’ve added to their lives. At the same time, Google’s search bot itself recognizes the importance of your content to those visitors and ranks that content higher.

Google takes content seriously and so do your visitors.

That means that you should do.

That content must be fresh, unique, and 100% error free. It needs to flow in a way that holds visitors attention, with proper optimisation and a heading that is compelling enough to attract those visitors in the first place.


Why content is king! This simple video by a trusted SEO agency in London explains all:

Rather talk to us directly about your content? Why not say hello to us and let’s talk about how we can help you create stunning content that your visitors will love to share?

The best part?

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Keyword Research

Reality of Free SEO Tools By Bitvero

The second most important element in SEO Consultancy is the keyword research. Keywords are the specific terms that web users enter into search engines to find relevant information.

So, if your website is well optimized with correct keywords, you will significantly improve your chances of appearing in search results when users search for the services you provide.

Keywords can be both short and long, but how do you know which keyword is right for you?

To give you an example, let’s say that you manufacture T-shirts in London. What do you think the best keyword might be for you?

You have to find the most appropriate keywords to avoid bounces, so if you are manufacturing cotton T-shirts in London and your target audience are wholesalers, your keyword could be,

Cotton T-shirt manufacturer London.”

Google provides a tool to check keyword volume searches

Google tool to check keyword volume searches
Google tool to check keyword volume searches

Looking to learn even more about keywords? Not yet familiar if with search trends data analysis, you can check our blog post #keyword planner

Or why not say hello and talk to us about choosing the right keywords for your business?

We’d love to hear from you and will be glad to offer a free, no-obligation SEO consultation to help you get more from your SEO.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility By BitveroThe third most important factor of SEO consultation is mobile compatibility .…

In today’s digital economy, increasing numbers of visitors are accessing your website via mobile devices, so mobile compatibility isn’t just a good idea, in Google’s eyes, it’s absolutely essential.

Does that mean that you have to spend thousands building a brand new website just for mobile devices?

Not at all.

You can have a single website and still achieve high search results by optimizing your website with breakpoints which recognize mobile devices and adjust screen accordingly.

Google also provides tool to test mobile compatibility. You can check your site here:

Don’t have a mobile compatible website? Get your free, no-obligation quote today by London’s trusted search engine optimisation consultant

Our search engine optimisation figures

k+ pages

Why SEO? See this simple video explainer

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  • 1. Keyword research

    The most important element in SEO, finding correct keywords is the key

  • 2. Mobile Compatibility

    Make sure the availability of mobile version of your website and redirect your user appropriately to the desktop and mobile version without ignoring the fact that…Google considers this seriously

  • 3. Open Graphics and Schema

    This is Micro data, an important part of search engine optimization.
    Schema is a cumulative effort of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Yandex, which is used on more than 10 million sites a to mark up web pages Open Graphics (OG) is used by Facebook. Both are used to ensure that important parts of your content (title, summary or meta description,and often a thumbnail or preview image) are displayed in search results, on social media, and on similar platforms.

  • 4. Website Content

    Consider Google rankings only if your content is fresh and well written from visitor perspective, with key facts and figures backed with USP’s Unique Selling Points), and divided with compelling headings and subheadings

  • 4. Call to Actions

    Make sure that if you are inviting visitors to your website, you encourage them to engage in some form activity that helps you get closer to your business goals. This could be  downloading a case study, signing up for a newsletter, writing a review, completing a form, subscribing to your channel, or anything which keeps those visitors interacting with your business.

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