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Social Media how it works by BitveroSocial Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the process of marketing our products and services to audiences via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Along with other key social channels such as Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, these platforms all boast countless numbers of active users worldwide each month….

….On the one hand, this means that businesses like yours now have unprecedented access to a global audience of millions…

..On the other, hand, with so many other businesses also trying to get their message out to social media user’s means that standing out from the crowd and delivering the right message on the right social platform at the right time can become incredibly complex. The good news, is that marketing experts worked hard to gain an understanding into the science and behavior of social media use, presenting a whole new world of possibilities in terms of how we market our brands through major platforms like Facebook…

….The bad news, however, is that if you don’t have a clear understanding of this social media science for yourself, then every penny you spend on social media marketing Services is likely to prove worthless.

Trust us, we’ve seen it happen.


We not only understand the importance of social media to your business, we also understand exactly how to use SMM effectively to help you grow your business and achieve results.

Today, we’ll offer some of our own expert insights on how to do just that, but before we do, there’s something you should know:

Each social platform is unique, and offers its own specialized tools techniques for marketing. So if we’re going to make the most of Social Media Marketing, we’re going to have to gain a deep understanding of each major platform….

….Fortunately, they do all have at least one thing in common:

Social Media Marketing by BitveroThree Major Types of Marketing

  1. Organic methods
  2. Paid methods
  3. Celebrity endorsements

The organic  method marketing efforts on connecting and engaging with audiences to naturally increase your online presence and encourage users to become loyal advocates for your brand. Remember – there’s few better ways to promote your business than word of mouth. Organic SMM simply takes that into the digital age.

Paid methods, as the name suggests, involves paying the social channel upfront to increase your visibility in user’s timelines and thus increase the likelihood of making those all-important social connections.

Finally, celebrity endorsements is all about engaging with celebrity social media users who already have a large and very active following on a particular platform.  The celebrity’s status enables them a certain influence over their followers, which businesses leverage, with the celebrity becoming a brand advocate and promoting the company’s goods or services to their large, loyal following.

All three methods are generally used by each social platform to connect businesses with customers, but how they exactly do that differs from platform to platform.

With that in mind, let’s look at how some of the major players handle SMM, starting with the undisputed king of social, Facebook.


Social media marketing facts 2017 by BitveroWith more than one billion active users, Facebook offers the potential to reach a wider audience than on any other platform.

To do this, the company created their own range of marketing products, from simple ads to promoted posts and more.

We’ll discuss some of these in more detail below, but first, there’s something we need to make clear.

The success of a Social Media Marketing Service & campaign cannot be measured in likes and shares alone.

There are less-than-scrupulous marketers out there using ‘black hat’ techniques (often unethical practices focusing on manipulating algorithms at the expense of customer experience) to generate high numbers of likes, so it’s not as if that in itself is much of a challenge.

No, the real challenge lies in using organic advertising on Facebook to build an audience and produce a tangible return on your investment.

How do we do that?

That, dear reader, is the proverbial billion dollar question.

How to build and engage audiences in Facebook using organic methods?

Before we start you can note building audience in social platforms in organic manner is a slow process and proves quite effective in branding

Social media success by bitveroBefore we begin, it’s important to note that building a successful campaign through organic methods on Facebook can be a slow process.


Don’t be. In our experience, the results are more than worth the wait, with organic methods proving highly effective in engaging with Facebook users.

The exception to the rule…

Of course, there is one tool that can be used to speed up results:

Viral posts. These are considered as #Generic Posts in Social media marketing


We are happy to share with you the benefits of our in-depth knowledge and experience, and to pass on our expert advice on how to take your Social Media Marketing to the next level.

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Way to build audience in social media….

….Typically, we rely on four different ways to build audience organically in social media.

These are….

What is post creation, outreach and engagement in Facebook? What is the best way to do it like the professionals?

Social media posts creation by Bitvero
This is the most important step in social media marketing, and the approach you take can make or break your campaign.

Get it right, and you’ll see audience numbers skyrocket and user interaction go through the roof.

Get it wrong, however, and the chances for failure have never been higher.

@Bitvero, we know just how important each Facebook post is, and create every one using captivating, compelling text, visually arresting imagery and well-researched, relevant tags.

Now, for the first time ever, we’ll reveal exactly how we do it.

  • Post creation, outreach & engagement
  • Relevant followings and use of hash tagging #
  • Organic methods of building audience in Facebook
  • Joining relevant groups & postings
  • Search for relevant trending topics & commenting
  • Post No. (Quantity)
    Post demographics check
    Post quality in respect to image
    Post content delicacy
    Post relevancy
    Post authenticity check
    Post #tags, URL’s check
    Post geo time check
    Client’s recommendations check
  • Facebook Post Quality Checks

Before any Facebook post we create goes live, it must meet our strict quality standards:

@Bitvero, it doesn’t matter to us whether a post is being pushed organically or as part of a paid advertising campaign, nothing goes live until both we and our clients are 100% happy that it’s as good as can possibly be.

We’ve been talking a lot about posts, but so far we haven’t looked at the different types of posts available.

Let’s do that now.

Different Post Types in Social Media Marketing


We deal with two different types of post in SMM.

Both differ not only in the way they’re created, but also in their intended audiences.

Self-promotional posts use image and content to directly promote the goods or services you sell.

For example, if you are a Social Media Marketing agency and create a post which advertises the cost of your packages, that’s what we would consider a self-promotional post…

….but in social media, your own audience may not like your self-promotion.


Because day in, day out, they’re bombarded with advertising at every turn. When they log on to their favorite social networks, it’s the last thing they want to see, and quite often that means they’ll use Facebook’s news feed preferences to make it so that they never see any of your posts again.

You don’t need us to tell you what bad news this can be for your brand.

Thankfully, there is a better way.

Social media platforms give you power to connect & build relationships with your audience, establishing an emotional connection with them that is far more likely to encourage them to buy something from you than any intrusive, self-promotional post ever could.

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For more about self-promotion social media posts, check out our blog post #Dos & Don’ts of Self-Promotional Posts.

Generic Post creation in Social Media Marketing

How to make social posts by BitveroGeneric post creation is all about creating a social post which don’t promote any goods or services, but rather are designed to catch the attention of the audience and inspire them to interact, whether via liking, sharing, leaving a comment, or some combination of the three.

Usually, though not always, these generic posts -whilst not directly related to the business– are somehow tied in with that business’ industry or the theme of the page.

For example, a hotel may share images, videos, and links detailing nearby local attractions, or a Social media Marketing agency may share a funny meme about how we all spend too much time looking at cat pictures on Facebook.

The more captivating, insightful, funny, or useful a post is, the more users will like and share it, and the more users share it, the greater the chances of achieving that ever-elusive holy grail of digital marketing:

The viral post. 

Below, we summaries pros and cons of self-promotional and generic posts in social media marketing.

Wondering what ratio of self-promotional to generic posts to use?

@Bitvero, we suggest either 70:30 or 60:40 ratio for self-promotional and generic posts to produce the best results.

Self-promotional post

Low or no outreach

Easy way of promotion

Audience depreciates self-promotion


Generic Post

Audience centric but no promotion

Outreach is high

Impressions count is high

More than 80% viral posts are generic

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Using Relevant Follows and #Hashtags

Social media marketing methods by bitveroIn social media, when we subscribe to the posts put out by a business or individual, we call that “following” them…

….The users you decide to follow must be relevant to your industry in order to drive a successful campaign.

The same goes for hashtags, which are tags applied to posts to help people searching for a given subject to find what they are looking for.  Hashtags don’t use spaces or punctuation, such as in #socialmediamarketing or #socialmarketing, which are the hashtags we might use to promote this page or that a user might search for it on Facebook.

Industry experts recommend using only one or two hashtags per post, as too many can turn your well-prepared post into little more than spam.

Hey! Whilst we’re on this subject, don’t miss our article on #How to Use Hashtags on Facebook?

Search for trending topics, commenting and joining groups in Facebook

A good way to engage audiences is to comment on trending topics related with to your industry,

To help you do this, Facebook provides its own powerful search engine offering…


Facebook even provides relevant filters during searches in each of the above criteria to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

How to Make the Best Use of Paid Advertising in Facebook

Facebook’s paid advertising offer a simple-yet-effective way of marketing to a huge audience of highly targeted users.

Starting a paid advertising campaign in Facebook is as straight-forward as following these simple steps:

Facebook paid advert campaign by bitvero

  • The first step is all about defining your goals. Do you want to increase sales? Raise brand awareness? Something else entirely?  You can’t achieve anything if you don’t know exactly want to achieve.
  • Next, determine your target audience. Here, you can tell Facebook to only show your ad to a specific age group, a targeted geolocation, people with specific interests or some combination of each. You can also decide whether to run your ad only Facebook’s website, on Instagram (also owned by Facebook), on mobile apps only or everywhere at once. .
  • Then, after setting the daily budget, upload your photo or video and you are ready to go
  • You can measure the outreach and clicks of your adverts via Facebook performance dashboard

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Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements in social media often prove to be effective, but also incredibly costly. There more high profile a popular star is, the more it will cost to have them endorse your business via social media.


Though we are certainly aware of this type of social media marketing and are currently looking into offering it as a service in future, we presently don’t have the contacts to hire celebrities to promote your business.

We would rather be honest and tell you that now, but if things change, don’t worry, we’ll let you know.


After Facebook, Twitter is one of the most widely used social platforms, offering users the ability to connect with each other in a unique manner known as ‘tweeting.’


We’re committed to staying  ahead the curve when it come to the most popular Twitter marketing trends,  and are always working to use these trends to our advantage in producing great results for our customers.

According to the latest statistics from Twitter…

….In the past 12 months alone, the number of videos viewed multiplied by no less than 220. More than 90% of this viewing is mobile based….

How to Incorporate Videos in Twitter:

The good news, is that you don’t need to be a professional videographer to use video in your Twitter marketing campaign. All you need is your smart phone, and a good idea.

Videos play automatically on Twitter, making them a great way to catch people’s attention and attract new customers.

You can play….

  1. Your native videos
  2. Live videos with Periscope
  3. GIFs

In live videos with Twitter periscope viewers will see you (or the subject of your video) in a real time. Alternatively, you can create native videos on your phone, and edit them before uploading later.

How to Best Use Tweets, Retweets and Quote Tweet

twiter by Bitvero When use twitter, you’ll create a username which automatically features the @ sign in front of it.

For example, @Bitvero is our Twitter username, and any Twitter user, no matter where they are, can send a tweet to us by starting their message with that username.

This tweet could be text only, though for maximum impact, we recommend combining text with a picture, video, or GIF. ,

When we receive that tweet, we can either retweet it to our followers (similar to forwarding an email) or quote tweet it, which is essentially retweeting with your own comments added.

….It’s important to keep in mind that -unless you specifically change your settings- using Twitter means using a public forum where anyone can view your tweets regardless as to whether they are following you or not.

@Bitvero we recommend using twitter with discretion and thinking carefully about what you say. We’ve all heard enough horror stories about brands ruining their reputation and losing customers accidentally tweeting a joke that was in poor taste or simply not thinking about what they’re tweeting.

Remember too, that Twitter conversations can quickly build up, which is great for engagement, but can soon be a nightmare if multiple users are included in the conversation.

Another point to keep in mind:

Though Twitter is currently experimenting with 280 character limits, that limit is currently only 140 characters, or 123 if you incorporate a video or picture.

That means you have to think carefully about what you want to convey, and how you’re going to convey it in a way that is clear, concise, and compelling. .

And finally, be careful not to bombard your followers with the same tweet over and over again. That’s only likely to lose you followers, and in many cases, even get you blocked!

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