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Why social media marketing proves worthless if you will skip this step?

Social media marketing and optimization by bitveroYour Social Media Marketing efforts may prove to be worthless if you skip this one vital step.

Social Media Optimization Service (SMO) is all about optimising your online presence to create stronger, emotional connections with your audience – the kind of connections that produce greater brand loyalty and awareness, not to mention a long-term increase in revenues.


We understand how vital your profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn really are to the success of your Social Media Campaigns.

After all, first impressions count, so if you’re to hit just the right note with your audience, it’s essential that your social profiles speak about your brand.

Of course, we could waste your time dazzling you with some impressive statistics like other Social Media Marketers do – but there are so many people using social media 24/7 that it won’t be long before any figures become close to infinity.

Instead, we’d like to talk to you today about what really matters:

….How to get ahead of the competition and grow your online presence using simple-yet-effective SMO Services & techniques in London

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Let’s talk social media

Below, we’ve placed the most popular social media platforms into two categories –Primary and Secondary– based on their usage and popularity.

Primary social platforms

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google Plus
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram
  7. YouTube

Secondary social platforms

  1. Tumblr
  2. Flickr
  3. Reddit
  4. Foursquare
  5. Myspace
  6. StumbleUpon
  7. Delicious


Facebook is the one social media platform that needs no introduction.  Doesn’t needs an introduction, With a global audience of more than 1.60 billion users per month, it is the undoubtedly the world’s biggest social network.

As you may already know from your own Facebook account, creating a personal profile is easy…

Creating and optimising a profile for your business, on the other hand, requires a little more work.

Thankfully, it is nowhere near as complicated as some would have you believe.

The first important thing you need to know is this:

….Creating a personal Facebook profile comes first. After you’ve created this, you can use your personal profile to create and manage as many Facebook business pages as you like.

Personal Profile Creation
Business profiles Creation

To begin the Social Media Optimisation process, first ensure that the ‘About’ section of your personal profile is as complete as possible, especially if you’re going to be using this to represent yourself as a representative of your business.

Next, create your business page, again making sure that you’ve added as much detail as you can to each section. On a typical Facebook page, these sections include:

  1. Your story
  2. Milestones
  3. Address
  4. Services

The end result should look similar to the images below:

About your business page in Facebook


If you are not familiar with search trends data analysis, you can check our blog post #keyword planner

Or why not to say hello and discuss keywords you wish to select?

Isn’t is a good idea! We are happy to provide you a free consultation🙂

How to Use Logos and  photos in Facebook

Social Media Optimization Success by BitveroWhether you use a densely-packed infographis or a simple photograph, there’s one thing you cover photo absolutely must do:

Make a big, bold first impression.

Your cover photo is typically the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook page, so it pays to make it count.

In our experience, using a simple high-resolution image with just a small amount of text typically works best.

Similar rules apply to your profile photo. Ideally, this should be your existing company logo.

Your logo is your professional identity. Not only does it speak volumes about who you are as a business, but it also helps users identify you wherever you are online. With that in mind, remember to be consistent and use the same logo on all of your social profiles as well as your website.

In our experience, this simple task can make a big difference to your social media success.

Why are we qualified to talk about success?

We’re happy share own figures based on our recent organic Social Media Marketing.


25k+ likes

10k+ shares

10000+ Followers generated

Engaging 30k+ audience


Unlike Facebook, you can create a Twitter for your business profile straight away, using exactly the same approach as for personal accounts.

The only drawback here, is that Twitter limits the number of characters you’re allowed in your profile name, such as in the example below:

This means that if the name of your business is more than 20 characters long, it’s time to get creative with how you represent yourself online.

Again,  high-quality and consistency are of absolute importance when it comes to your cover picture and logo. Make sure you get both of these spot on before you begin including your Twitter username in your marketing.

Twitter Following by Default

When you first create your profile, Twitter recommends that you follow certain high-profile users. By default, it will also recommend high-profile names based on your current geographical location.

Before you begin your marketing efforts, make sure you’re only following those names relevant to your industry.

How to Manage Followers in Twitter

Twitter FollowingsFollow too many people on Twitter, and it won’t be long before your timeline becomes cluttered with what is likely to be mostly irrelevant news.

Streamline your followers, however, and you’ll instantly improve the experience, helping you to better find tweets that are relevant to your audience.

This brings us onto one of the most important aspects of Twitter profile optimisation:

Who to follow:

Again, it’s all about following relevant users.


 Twitter Facts by BitveroIf you do want to follow your favourite X-Factor contestant or movie star, that’s what your personal Twitter account is for. Keep this one for business and keep the people you follow to a select number whose tweets are likely to be of interest to both you as a business and your audience.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re a Social Media Optimisation service company in London. News sites, blogs, and follow businesses dealing with SMO, along with web agencies and similar companies in London are going to be the best Twitter users to follow.

Alternatively, if you’re a gym in Manchester, you’d likely want to follow local sports clubs, fitness instructors and nutrition specialists in the area, along with authoritative news sites specialising in the world of health and fitness.

Finding relevant Twitter users to follow requires research…

….You’ll appreciate the importance of this later on in your Twitter journey once you start actually get into the process of exchanging tweets, retweets, and likes with your fellow users.

Find, and engage with users who are interested in the subjects you’re talking about, and you’ll find those engagement levels do take off…

….Follow the wrong crowd, however, and that engagement will be practically non-existent since your tweets just won’t be relevant to the audience you’ve spent so long building up.

In fact, the most likely outcome in this scenario is that your followers simply unfollow you, or block you altogether, wasting at hard work you’ve put in trying to engage them.

@Bitvero, we understand the importance of audiences on micro blogging platforms like Twitter, and invest considerable time in researching audience behaviour, trends & topics to ensure that all of our clients’ Twitter profiles are fully optimised to increase engagement.


5000+ tweets

Engaging 15k+ audience

3000+ man hours

5000+ Followers


LinkedIn is well known as the world’s largest business network. As such, your presence here should of a more formal, professional tone than the one you use on other social networks.

Those funny memes relating to your industry may work on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, your fellow users are here to talk business, and the content and images you share should reflect that.

@Bitvero, we recommend using fresh content on LinkedIn, rather than simply copying existing text from your website. As we mentioned earlier, it’s also vital  to maintain consistency by publishing your website, contact address & telephone numbers on LinkedIn….

…. Other details, such as the year you founded your business, your industry type and specialities should also match the details you included on your other social profiles.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also insists that you create your personal profile first before you can create your business pages.

Personal Profile Creation
Business profiles Creation

Following in LinkedIn

As with Twitter, following relevant industry figures can be crucial to ensuring you’re engaging with the right people. It can also be a big help by providing you with fresh, relevant content that you can share with your own audiences.


Truth About Google Plus by BitveroWith a community of over 100 million active users, Google+ is behind Facebook’s 1.50 billion worldwide users, but 100 million people still makes it a powerful tool for connecting with audiences.,

Google Plus offers

  • Collections
  • Communities
  • People & pages
  • Posts

Whilst Twitter is all about microblogging, LinkedIn caters for business networking and sites like Instagram and Pinterest set themselves apart by focusing on image sharing, Google+ is different because it doesn’t really have a niche to call its own.

The platform was created by Google in response to the overwhelming success of Facebook, with the search giants hoping to give Mark Zuckerberg a competitive edge!

Alas, by the time Google Plus finally got off the ground, Facebook had embedded itself so deeply into the heart of people’s lives that there was no way anyone, not even Google, could catch them up.

So does that mean that there is no point to using Google’s own social network?

Not necessarily.


We actively use Google+ for our clients posting but sadly see little engagement. This is a trend that goes right across the board.

So if you’re after creating those deep, emotional connections with your audience, this isn’t the one for you.

On the other hand, many users -including us- have used Google+ to develop an audience and share content, even if that audience doesn’t really interact with said contentL

….As part of our commitment to openness, honesty, and transparency, our team of SEMs (Search Engine Marketers) and SMMs (Social Media Marketers) are happy to share with you some of the results and feedback we’ve gained through using Google+ and, indeed, all of the social media platforms we use. Simply get in touch with us and ask. Instagram & Pinterest

PlatformActive users per monthOwnerFirst LaunchedOriginal Creators
Instagram350 millionFacebook2010Kevin Systrom
Pinterest150 millionPrivate2009Paul Sciarra


Instagram and Pinterest are both mobile platforms focusing on sharing user-generated images and videos.

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram and have grown the app ever since. Today, Instagram boasts 375 million active users,  with Pinterest managing less than half that amount.

Much as with the other social profiles we’ve looked at, carefully selecting which users to follow is a critical step in carrying out Social Media Optimisation on Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram offers various ways to search for relevant users, including:

  • Top accounts
  • Tags
  • People
  • Places

Meanwhile Pinterest’s biggest advantage is that it allows you to build your own community through features including:

  • Pins
  • Boards
  • Followers
  • The option to create your own board
  • Likes


Both platforms offer the ability to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, providing even greater scope for Social Media Optimization Services.


We use both platforms’ best features to build targeted audiences for our clients, and have so far achieved a great deal of success.

The figures below relate to the work we’ve done on optimising our clients’ profiles on Instagram and Pinterest.

Active pins & boards
posts on Instagram
Build follower base of


As one of the most visited websites in the world, YouTube itself needs no introduction. Instead then, here is a brief history of the popular video-sharing site.

The domain first booked in February 14, 2005
Founded by  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim
First funded by Sequoia Capital with $11.50 million
First video reached 1 million views is a Nike advertisement
Site officially launched in December 15, 2005 with 8 million views a day
July 2006, more than 65000 video uploads each day
In October 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock
In November 2006, owned by universal tube filed a lawsuit after it overloaded thanks to visitors trying to reach YouTube.
November 2011, Google+ was integrated directly with YouTube & Chrome
In February 2015, YouTube launched YouTube Kids
In February 2017, one billion hours of videos watched every day


A free service provided by Google, YouTube is a remarkably powerful platform when it comes to branding & exposure in a video form.

Initially, YouTube allows news users to upload videos of 15 minutes in length, but after achieving fair track record of complying with community guidelines, the company will allow you to upload videos of up to 12 hours in length and roughly 20GB in size.

YouTube accepts almost all formats of video including mp3, mpeg, mp4, AVI, FLV, and 3GB etc.

Why is YouTube Such a Powerful Platform for Branding?

You tube brand promotion by BitveroImagine what you could do with a video platform so popular that users were watching a combined one billion -yes, billion- hours of video each and every day…

..That eye-watering number tells us one important thing:

YouTube has an absolutely huge audience that could be potentially watching your content.

The best part?

There’s no limit to the kind of videos you could create.

Finished imagining what you could do with YouTube but still stuck? Here’s a few ideas:

        • Introduction to your company
        • Introduction to your products and/or services
        • Demonstrations
        • Short films,
        • Concepts and ideas,
        • Personal videos
        • Documentaries
        • Promotional campaigns
        • Educational lectures…

…The list, as they say, goes on…

So, what’s the catch?

Unlike Twitter, where video captured on your smartphone is enough to catch reader’s attention, making a high-quality video that stands out on YouTube can be a costly affair. As such, choosing to invest in video marketing isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly without first consulting an expert.

After all, if you’re spending a lot of money on your video, doesn’t it make sense that it should be as good as possible in order to make an impact?

@Bitvero, the best social media management services in London

We help our customers by educating them the importance of outreach when we market on this platform. The results will come, but only if the videos themselves are of exceptional quality.

Video marketing not only takes you to the next level in branding, but also proves to be the fastest way to reach the biggest audience.

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