Website Design London

Website Design London

Website-designing-methods-2017-by-BitveroDesigning a website can be both amazingly  simple and yet staggeringly complex…

…it all depends upon how you choose  to portray your corporate identity online.

Sure, you can call any website design agency, ask for a website and get upfront proposals for a whole variety of different website types.☺ ….

That may sound like a good thing, BUT think again…

@Bitvero do things differently….

Unlike thousands of SEMs (Search Engine Marketers), we believe that there’s only really two types of website:

An SEO website or a non-SEO website.

The only distinction between the two is simply the web development process used to make your site.

That’s it…

….there is actually no other distinction between

…This is true of all websites, including:

#Ecommerce website

#Corporate presentation

#Bespoke Content Managed System(CMS)

#Blogging platform

#Discussion board

#Community portal

Whatever type of site you need, it will either be SEO or NON SEO.

Fortunately for you, the @Bitvero development team are experts in handling all the above, from the design, delivery and hosting of complex Content Managed Systems to high-ranking SEO websites.

SEO Website Journey

The path to creating a website which requires Search Engine Optimization is a lot more complex than one with no SEO involved.

….See for yourself by  taking a look at the following example:

Below, we outline the development process of a 25 page hotel website design with SEO.

Domain & Host
Website Design
Onsite SEO
Offsite SEO


What the above doesn’t include, is the website copy-writing and optimisation process.

This is entirely different and is a complex process in its own right.

The chart below outlines the website copy-writing and optimization process. Here, you’ll see how each individual element is vital to the overall success of your website.

@Bitvero, we are happy to share the benefits of our experience….

….Over the years, we have successfully delivered hundreds of website design and Search Engine Optimisation projects….

….In the process, we’ve learned the secrets of developing successful website, but we don’t just keep those secrets to ourselves. We’re passionate about sharing them with our clients to help them achieve the right results with their web presence to

More than 25 successful SEO projects delivered
Optimised more than 1500 SEO pages
25000 words of optimised content delivered

Content Writing and Optimization Process By A Leading Website Design Agency in Surrey

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Personalized Website Design Consultancy in London

Should you wish to achieve high rankings in Google 🙂

With our website design techniques exclusively for our subscribers only!

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Need a simple explanation of the website development process? Watch the video below – it offers exactly that.

Why SEO? See this simple video explainer

Website designing methods

Website-Copyrighting-process-by-Bitvero@Bitvero, we follow two simple methods in website designing.

You may be surprised to learn that these are the only two methods the entire web design industry follows!

These are….

….A bespoke website design

….A box-standard, template-based website

So when you’re speaking to your web developer or web design company, be sure to discuss the pros and cons of both and determine which one is right for you:

There are thousands of box-standard templates available on sites like:


At first, browsing through these templates is exciting, as each new template you see stirs your imagination with ideas of how you present yourself online.

It’s only after a while that you realize all the templates you love have been used by scores of other people, sometimes being downloaded several thousand times.

Clearly then, that’s not the best to stand out from the crowd. Download and use one, and you end up looking just the same as everybody else…

Yet that’s not the only reason why they’re less than perfect…

Website Designing by Bitvero…these box standard templates only cost as little as between $20 to $75, with added functionality and flexibility for the higher-priced ones…

….but if you are thinking of purchasing a box-standard website template for your next big project, think again!


Because all these box standard templates are loaded with generic pictures, dummy content, and made-up figures and facts ☹

Yes, these may look great when you view the demo version, but when it comes to using them for your own unique business, it simply can’t be done.

That’s why a bespoke solution is typically the best way forward – allowing you to present your business in a way that not only stands out from the crowd, but also allows you the flexibility to design your site around your content, rather than the other way around.

What’s more, when it comes to updating your site, having professional expertise of a web design company like Bitvero can really make all the difference. , If you’ve read this far, congratulations:

You’ve just armed yourself with a wealth of knowledge that can prove invaluable when discussing your needs with a professional web design agency.

So now, there’s no need to be disappointed with poor, paint-by-numbers templates, nor do you need be ripped off by agencies who charge you a fortune just to put together a low-cost template for you.

Don’t get disappointed!

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Why not say Hello to us! Get in touch to discuss your website design requirements and discover how Bitvero can help your business succeed online

What is bespoke web design?

Google Adwords Campaign starting By BitveroThis refers to the process of designing a website from scratch, completely tailoring every element to meet the needs of the customer. @Bitvero, we make sure that we really get to know our clients before coming up with a design creative, asking all the questions we need to get a clear understanding of their:

Product or service

Customer base

Brand Guidelines, voice, and style

And anything else that can help us come up with the perfect bespoke design.

To make the process as easy as possible, we ask our clients to give us this information via a simple questionnaire. ….

We then take this information and use it to determine our initial creative designs.

Only once our clients are 100% happy with the design do we set our development team, SEO specialists and content creators to work on delivering a successful project.

Still not sure if a bespoke design is right for you, or whether you’d be better off investing in a template? We’ve summed up the pros and cons of both in the following table, so that you know exactly what you need from your website design company.

Bespoke Website Design
Box standard template based

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Personalized Search Consultancy

Should you wish to achieve high rankings in Google 🙂

With our search engine marketing techniques exclusively for our subscribers only!

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Looking for a simple way to understand the process of website designing? This video delivers just that:


 (WordPress/Joomla/E-Commerce, Other CMS, HTML)







No of pages in websiteunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
My website is in Wordpress, Joomla, E-commerce, any other CMS, Just HTMLCoveredCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Monthly Website Support (Text & Images updates, Existing products & pages updates, blog Update)1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours6 Hours14 Hours
Effective Hourly Rate£40.00£35.00£30.00£25.00£21.50
Creation of New website pages (Client will provide text/images etc)Not IncludedNot IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Plugins & CMS UpgradesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Dedicated Manager & Level 3 Designer & DeveloperIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Rolling ContractPay as you goPay as you goPay as you goPay as you goPay as you go
Hours flushed each monthYesYesYesYesYes
Website Monitoring (24/7)NoNoNoYesYes
Managed website Hosting (On Hi-End UK Based VPS) (up to 2 GB)NoNoNo1 GB2 GB
Communication Response Time1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour30 Minutes30 Minutes
New Plugin Installations & UpdatesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Complimentry Website Audit For SEONot IncludedNot IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Annual Subscription10% Off10% Off10% Off12% Off15% Off

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Why not say Hello to us! Get in touch to discuss your website design requirements and discover how Bitvero can help your business succeed online

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