Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning

Reasons of Website Redesigning & how to discuss the same with your website designing company?

Why redesign your website, and Website Redesigning by Bitvero how to make it as easy, efficient, and cost-effective as possible when you do:

There are two key reasons why the majority of website owners opt for a redesign.

  1. The current design is old, outdated, or simply of poor quality.
  2. The website is not attracting traffic and certainly isn’t producing results.

In some instances, it could even be both, with an outdated design creating such a poor user experience that your traffic levels and sales both suffer as a result.

If you’re thinking of redesigning your website, it pays to spend some time first thinking about what you actually want from your new site.

Is it a better looking design?

Improved navigation and user experience?

Advanced features such as Ecommerce tools or live chat?

….Taking the time to consider what you want from your website will help you identify areas where your existing site is lacking. Ultimately, this will make your redesign much more efficient and cost-effective than if you simply went in and resigned the entire site, especially if some areas were already at their optimum best.

….With that done, your next step is to analyze what your competitors are doing, especially if they seem to be generating more results from their web presence than you.

First, head to Google and type in keywords relating to your industry.

For example, if you are a chartered accountant operating in London, type the keyword ‘chartered accountant London’

When the results appear, you’ll see that the first few top links are paid Google ads like this:

Below those, Google’s next results are map listings, showing businesses local to you.

And, finally, the results which appears after that are organic search results, such as those shown below:

Website redesigning key steps by BitveroIn the next step, click one or two links from each set of results (paid, local map listings, and organic), and spend time analyzing and dissecting each one in depth.….

Some key areas you’ll want to think about are:

  • Design of home page
  • Call to action points on home page and subsequent pages, including, for emails, telephone numbers and contact forms.
  • Over all site pages and site map. This will help you identify the site’s key strengths and weaknesses.
  • USPs (Unique Selling Points)
  • Website content: what does the content on your site actually say about their brand? How are they portraying themselves?
  • Domain name and tagline
  • Design of inner pages
  • How they are serving their community? For example are they providing any free services? If yes, what are they? Really take the time to discover how these websites are providing added-value for their visitors.
  • Are they social? What social media platforms do they use, and how are they using them?
  • Be sure to check their given prices and compare them with yours as well as checking which areas they specialize in.

Website Redesigning details by BitveroDo this for all the websites you open, and as you notice things that stand out to you, be sure to write them down.

Doing this extensive research at this stage will prove invaluable to both you and your website design company later on in the redesign process. As we’ll discuss later – the more you can tell your designer about exactly what you do want, the less time you have to spend with them going back and forth on designs which just don’t work for you.

….With that done, there’s just one more critical step at this stage of the process:

Creating a sitemap

How to create a sitemap in website redesigning by Bitvero As the name suggests, this maps out the layout and navigation of your website, and can be easily created using the ‘Smart Art’ tool in Microsoft Word or your favorite flowchart somewhere. By now, you’ll have everything you need to understand not only the areas where your website needs improvement, but exactly what you want those improvements to be.

The steps we’ve listed above are the most important tasks in any website redesigning project.

Ignoring even one is likely to create confusion later on when it comes to discussing your requirements with your web development company.

Those confusions mean more time carrying out revisions, and as we all know, time equals money.

More revisions means that not only does your website continue to produce poor results whilst the revisions are made, but also added costs to your final invoice.

Which brings us nicely on to our next point:

How to finalize website redesign quote with your web design company?

Website Redesign Quote 2017 by Bitvero @Bitvero, we are proud to be the first web design company to offer our clients a fully itemized bill for their website redesign, outlining every single task, tool, and process, and the individual cost of each.

We’re also more than happy to explain why individual elements are important to your site and how they help you to achieve your long-term goals.

We’ll even tell you where you could save money by removing certain non-essential elements.

Why would do this?


We’re committed to developing open and honest relationships with our clients and guarantee total transparency at every stage of the process.

What does an itemized website redesign quote look like?

The image below is an example from one of our recent clients:


As you’ll see, this outlines not only the individual elements that make up your website, but how each one comes together to achieve specific goals.

Point 1

Check which functionalities your website design company are listening in redesigning quote and ask for examples of those functionalities. That way, you can evaluate whether they are worth including in your new site.

Most website designing companies use either WordPress or Joomla to build their sites. These both community-based Content Management Systems (CMS) are both free to download and use, so make sure they do not charge you the cost of paying for a CMS if they are using either WordPress or Joomla.

website redesign facts by Bitvero

Website Redesigning CMS Cost by Bitvero

Your web development company may charge you for installing and modifying that CMS to build your site, but they should not charge you for the physical product itself.

Check if the proposed website redesigning quote is based on bespoke website redesign or a one using a template. Both come with a number of key differences that it is important to be aware of before you start your website redesign project.

If you need a simple explanation of how template-based sites differ from bespoke designs, take a look at our website designing page.

Website Redesigning Facts by Bitvero

Point 2

Check whether you are expected to write the website content or whether it is provided by your website development company. This aspect alone is vital. Website content can make or break your chances of success online, so it’s important to get it just right. Our article #website content explains why.

Point 3

If your web development company are writing your content, ask for the details of their copywriter. At this stage, you need to be fully confident that the person writing your content fully understands your business, your goals and, most importantly your audience to maintain high standards and avoid things getting lost in translation, it is also important to ensure that you’re working with a native content writer who is fluent in the language of your main customers.

Point 4

Make sure that each piece of content is well researched, accurate, and reflects your company’s USPs before your website design company publish it. Again we strongly suggest you take a look at our article on #website content before moving further.

Point 5

Check who is providing graphics, photographs, CGI (Computer Generated Images). Make sure that images are relevant to the page and be sure to also get the costs of each imagine. .
You should ask your website design company to use only copyright free images which can be purchased from stock imagine libraries such or

USP explained by Bitvero in website redesinging

Point 6

Where possible however, it is always far better to use your own, professionally created images rather than relying on the same old stock photography that everybody else uses.
Including images that are unique to your website not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also ensures you make a positive first impression on visitors.

Website redesigning cost by Bitvero

Point 7

If your proposed website redesign is a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) project, make sure to check out our guides to both Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing you begin the project. These guides provide a comprehensive overview of SEO and what you need to consider before when incorporating it into your site.

Point 8

Check how much your website Design Company is charging? They should be in line with current industry standards, where a 10page, non-SEO website could typically cost anywhere between £400 to £500.
To give you another example, a small, non-SEO website with 25+ pages could cost anywhere between £700 to £1000. It’s important to note here that adding professional SEO services into any website design package will undoubtedly add to the cost.

Point 9

Finally, check the yearly hosting cost and make sure that you’re paying for ‘Managed Hosting’ and NOT just the hosting of website.What’s the difference? We explain everything in our article #what is Website hosting & Managed Hosting? The Differences Between the two.

Website redesigning steps by Bitvero

Why SEO? See this simple video explainer

If you are not familiar with search trends data analysis, you can check our blog post #keyword planner

Or why not to say hello and discuss keywords you wish to select?

Isn’t is a good idea! We are happy to provide you a free consultation🙂

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