How to reduce CPC: Facebook & Google Ads


Finding room to negotiate the price for everything we buy is ingrained in human DNA.

Though negotiating requires effort, we still do not give up!

The funny thing is that this tendency continues even when it comes to digital marketing strategies like Google PPC and Facebook ads running on algorithms- that means no human counterpart to bargain with!

It’s like haggling at a vending machine!

However, even though these marketing tools rely on calculations and automation, we can still find ways to bring the best out of the system, holding up tight on our habits!

So, in this article, we will get to know some important tips that will somehow help you reduce CPC.

Ways to reduce Facebook CPC

Making social media marketing work in your favour requires a smart approach and efforts revolving around making those paid ads yield the most out of your budget.

For this, working on ads to get more and more clicks on them, that too with the allocated budget, is important.

So here are some tips that will help you reduce the cost per click of Facebook ads.

Refine your audience

Your products are not meant for everyone, so should your Facebook ads.

I mean, what is the point of placing coffee ads in front of a tea lover?

This way, you are just wasting your ad spending, causing you higher CPC.


Suppose you have allotted a budget of 100£ for a specific Facebook ad.

Now, you have not manually selected the target audience and left it to the system to decide whom to show, hoping people will somehow convert.

The system serves almost all active users with this ad.

And guess what?

Even though so many people were shown this ad, only a few who were genuinely interested in your offerings clicked on that.

Let’s say for 100£ your ad reach was to 2000 people.

And only 20% of them were actually your target audiences.

Of these, 20%, let’s say 15%, fortunately, end up clicking on the ad, making your CPC 100£/60 clicks = 1.67

Now, imagine if the targeted audience was selected; the CTR would probably have been higher while lowering the CPC.


Nail your content

Sure, by paying an amount, you can make your ads reach more and more people.

But why would they click on that until and unless they find it interesting?

Thus, working hard on your content to make it stand out becomes non-negotiable.

It should eventually give people no option to skip through.

The more people click, the lower the CPC gets.

Nail your content in Facebook ads Bitvero Digital Marketing Company

You can make content compelling in ways like

  • paying attention to visuals,
  • making copies persuasive,
  • adding humour to it,
  • keeping up with the latest trends,
  • utilising storytelling,
  • incorporating social proof,
  • adding CTAs, etc.

Avoid Audience Overlapping

Maintaining a distance between two locations where your Facebook ads are running becomes important.

Why so? Will they get infected?

Jokes apart!

When two locations overlap, so does the audience residing there.

In this scenario, you are bidding against yourself because a chunk of the same people may end up seeing your ad.

On the other hand, if you target multiple locations that are distant from each other, you reach a unique audience in each of them.

This gives you more people to see your ad, resulting in more clicks and, ultimately, lower CPC.

Avoid Audience Overlapping in facebook ads Bitvero Social Media Marketing Company

Retarget the Audience

Showing ads to the same group of people who have already shown interest in your brand, like through visiting the website, engaging with previous ads, or liking your product, is called retargeting the audience.

Retargeting an audience reduces your cost per click.


Well, to reduce CPC, you need more and more people to click.

So, when you show ads to people already familiar with your brand, they tend to be like, “Oh, this is from the same person (or brand) I have seen before. Sound interesting! Let me click on this.)

This not only reduces your cost per click but also gradually builds brand trust among people, leading to improved conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Ways to reduce Google Ads CPC

Google ads are different from those of social media marketing. They are more about SEO because they appear on search engines in response to search queries.

So, when you invest in paid SEO or paid ads, you would want ways that may help you get more clicks for the allocated budget.

So, let’s go through the ways you can reduce your Google ad CPC.

Target Long Tail Keywords

As said earlier, Google ads appear in response to search queries of users, so the role of keywords becomes obvious.

It is obvious you have to use keywords relevant to your products, but doing it properly is what is needed to reduce CPC.

By “properly”, we mean utilising the long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have low competition with higher chances of conversions.

That’s because when people use long-tail keywords, their intent is genuinely to buy a service rather than randomly searching about it.

For example, if a user types the keyword SEO specialist London, it clearly appears that he or she really needs it.

In this scenario, if you target this long tail keyword, chances are higher that they will end up clicking on your ad, reducing CPC while increasing the chance of conversion.

Exclude Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the keywords that are somehow related to your product or service but have different intent.

People may search for the same keyword as your service, but rather than buying, they may be looking to learn or get information about it.

Exclude Negative Keywords in Google ads Bitvero Search Engine Marketing Company

For example, someone searching for an SEO consultant job may get your ad in response because you targeted the keyword SEO consultant regardless of the user’s intent to find a job.

Excluding such keywords from Google ads does not make you appear in irrelevant search terms.

This gets you only meaningful clicks, indirectly reducing CPC.

Craft Compelling Ad Copies

It doesn’t matter how well you place keywords- until your ad copies give a wow reason, people will not click on that.

Thus, copies will have to be compelling and so convincing.

For this, paying attention to the quality score becomes important because it guides you about the structure of the copy, keywords, accuracy, and the overall effectiveness of your ad copy.

Craft Compelling Copies for Google ads Bitvero Digital Marketing Company

To make a copy persuasive, you can consider:

  • Add extensions
  • Add extra site link
  • Highlight USPs
  • Include strong CTAs
  • Conduct A/B testing

Consult a digital marketing expert.

During the whole process, some sort of knowledge is required to run Google ads.

That means from the initial stage, like keyword research and choosing the right one, to the overall ads management, you need to be very careful, especially when you do not want to compromise on CPC.

In this scenario, a digital marketing consultant should be your go-to person. You can merely ask them to consult on your project, or alternatively, you can opt for their digital marketing services as a whole.

That we say because, as marketing consultants, they have expertise in selecting the right keywords and optimising them.

Additionally, the right digital marketing company will also conduct A/B testing to identify the most effective version of your ad copy,

That will help you yield a higher CTR, conversions, and, ultimately, a reduced CPC.

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