Typography Trends: Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Hotel Website

Typography Trends Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Hotel Website Bitvero Limited a website design company in London

Not sure which fond you should utilise for your hotel website?

If yes, then not to worry.

Most people do feel confused as there are many font types.

Like modern fonts or traditional ones.

Thin or bold.

Simple or decorative.

To help you reduce this confusion to some extent, we have brought you this article.

This article will give you a basic idea about some common fonts. You will know the difference between them and which of them would well with your hotel website design theme.

So let’s start to understand the typography trends so you can choose the right fonts for website design for hotels.

Serif Vs. Sans-Serif

When you think of choosing the right font for your hospitality website design, the dilemma of choosing between Serif and Sans-serif usually comes into mind.

In this scenario, understanding the difference between the two makes it easy to come to a decision.

Serif fonts lie in the traditional category. This means they have been used for many years.

On the other hand, Sans-Serifs are comparatively more modern.

In French, Sans means “without”. So basically, Sans Serif fonts are fonts without serifs.

The difference in their appearance is that Serif fonts are more decorative, while Sans Serifs go for simplicity.

serif vs sans serif font bitvero limited a web design company

image source: canva.com

Serifs have small lines or strokes at the edges of each letter. The purpose is to exude elegance.

While Sans serifs have no such decorative lines; instead, they go for neat and straight lines.

So, if you are looking for fonts for luxury hotel website design, you can choose Serifs.

In contrast, if you give your hotel website a more modern look, Sans Serifs is good.

Moreover, you can also choose

their blend. Like Sans serifs for headings and text in Serifs.

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Bold vs Light Fonts

Hotel websites also go for a blend of light and bold fonts.  For example, for areas on your website that you want to highlight, more importantly, you can go bold.

On the other hand, for the text or descriptions, light fonts may work best.  Call to action, along with bold colours, can also depict bold text to become highly prominent.

Moreover, if we rely on ilovewp dataOpen Sans, a font with many different weights, has been observed as the most used Google font on hotel websites.

the most used google font on hotel websites Bitvero Limited Hotel website design company in London

Open Sans has around 6 different weights, each with an italic version, making the total number 12.

  • Light,
  • Normal,
  • Medium,
  • Semi-Bold,
  • Bold,
  • and Extra Bold

Handwritten or script fonts

Script fonts remain a good choice for website design for hotels because they convey a kind of warmth or hospitality. Using them may make guests feel more inviting.

Especially luxury hotels website that wants to exude a sense of elegance can use them to give the idea of the kind of ambience they offer.

Using them at areas you want to highlight even more importantly (for instance, hotel names, taglines, room rates) looks quite impactful.

In fact, not only luxury hotels but even if your theme is classical, modern, whimsical or else, you can find versions of them matching different tastes.

However, the pro tip is not to use them overly. Sometimes, they can be hard to read, leaving an awful impact.

When you go for hotel website design services, we have some tips for you here. They can help a lot in choosing the right font.

Some tips to consider for the right fonts for your hotel website design


No matter even if you choose those stylish fonts.  Use them sparingly!  So many curls or cursives can create reading complexities, so avoiding overly use is what we recommend.

Number of fonts

Sure. You can try more than one type of font. But again, using fonts limitedly and accordingly remains a wise approach.


No matter how good your website fonts look. If they do not work well, it makes no sense. That is why you must check if they work on every device like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Take help from a professional website design agency

Going to a website design company is a good option. As an expert, they have knowledge about web design trends as a whole including fonts.  Plus, you can tell them your ideas and imagination. They will better try to into practice.  Moreover, web designers have access to paid fonts as well as themes. So with all this,  you can expect to have a website that showcases your visions and also aligns with existing trends.

In case you are already looking for a hotel website design company in London, reach out to us. We have low-cost website design packages for your website with a very small initial payment that too with a money-back guarantee if you do not like the outcome.

Moreover, if you like the same, you can pay the balance through monthly direct debits.

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