Micro-Moments on Social Media: What Is It and Why Use It?

Micro-Moments on Social Media What Is It and Why Use It Bitvero marketing company

Imagine you are scrolling through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Randomly, a post from one of your friends eating pizza appears on your feed.

Seeing that, you find yourself thinking, “I also want that!”

Or, perhaps you come across a brand marketing a product you are unfamiliar with.

This left you wondering, what’s that? I need to know!

Any moment of this kind that happens to you is a micro-moment.

Do not go by its name. Even though they are called micro-moments, they have much potential to yield high ROI businesses.

As you see, this influences our decisions; it ultimately makes money for businesses.

That is the reason micro-moment marketing has become so popular these days. If you are also a business and haven’t yet embraced it- you have no idea about its potential!

Well, it’s never too late to start. If you don’t have any knowledge, you will gain it from now on.

This article discusses micro-moments on social media, their power, and why shouldn’t you miss out utilisng them as a business!

Let’s get to know!

What are Micro Moments?

In layman’s definition, micro-moments on the web are when we use our phone or any device with the intent to find, do, learn, or buy something.

Simply put, we go there (on social media, in our case) to solve a quick need or ask a question. There is not one single kind of micro-moment, but many.

For instance-

  • You are looking for a recipe- (Need moment)
  • Wondering what movie to watch- (Think moment)
  • Seeing a positive review of a restaurant- (Do moment)
  • Watching a short cooking reel- (Learn moment)

All such micro-moments somewhere contribute something valuable to the business. This is throughout the market funnel. At every stage, you can expect some ROI, if not in terms of money, at least in terms of brand visibility, credibility, or popularity.

Throughout your marketing funnel, let’s see how exactly social micro-moments help and how you can leverage them.

Social Micro Moments Capitalizing for Businesses

Marketing Funnel: Awareness Stage

Be Present-

Let’s say a user is randomly scrolling social media- but not intently looking for any product or service.

Suddenly, your ad for digital marketing services appears. Maybe they don’t need this at this moment, but it still made them conscious of your brand.

Now, they know that the XYZ brand is a digital marketing company. That goes with more and more people, and that’s what your purpose is- to spread brand awareness.

Marketing Funnel: Consideration Stage

Provide instant value:

Now that people have associated you with your industry, the next and never-ending thing is to provide value.

This can be in the form of informative or helpful videos or posts.

Let’s continue with the digital marketing example.  For instance, creating short videos on some tips for website design or “how to do SEO guides” benefit people, helping in their “need to learn moment”.

Marketing Funnel: Decision Stage

Optimise for Mobile

Now, viewing your content often, suppose some social users think, “Let’s do it,” i.e., make up their minds to least consider your services—as they may now need them.

After deciding that, proceeding to your website becomes obvious.

In doing this, they must most probably use a mobile phone.

This shows that the website adapts to their phone screen.

If that isn’t the scenario, the user experience may be compromised, which may negatively influence the ultimate decision.

If that isn’t the scenario, the user experience may suffer, negatively influencing the ultimate decision.

Marketing Funnel: Purchase Stage

Sure. Users may want to buy products or services from you.  But if you have to offer a number offering, you would agree that not all are meant for everyone, or maybe not every customer wants that. You must apply the demographic age, gender, or interest criteria here.  That means after bringing them to your website, it is important to provide them with a personalised experience, whether through content, product/services or packages.

That means designing everything, keeping in mind that different people have different needs, tastes, choices, and even budgets.

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Just for instance, you have social media marketing services to render. In this scenario, instead of curating a single social media marketing package, you can consider there can be customers with varying needs.

To name a few, some may want only Instagram marketing, but in your package, you have covered all kinds of platforms, or it is that a customer only wants organic marketing, but you have included paid ads as well.  So, customised marketing package pricing remains the best solution to influence the customer’s eventual “I want to buy this” micro-moment.

For now, that’s all

I hope this article helps you understand the importance of micro-moments on social media and their power. Also, applying the tip discussed may you get success on social media. In case you don’t find it not feasible to implement them on your own and think it is better to approach a marketing company to do that on your behalf, then Bitvero is more than happy to help you.

With a decade of experience in digital marketing, we know how to breathe life into marketing strategies.

To discuss the project, you can visit our office or  call us on 020 374 52786




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