Expected Trends in Website Design for Startups in 2024

Expected Trends in Website Design for Startups in 2024- Bitvero Limited Web Design Company London

Startups with the full intention of taking the business online through a website face the dilemma of what their ideal web design services should be.

Like how it should function and what appearance can fill the eyes of visitors.

In this situation, rushing to see what competitors are doing is not wrong at all.

Taking notes from them and intending to align with them is a great idea!

But with that, minutely searching for the current trends in the market is also crucial.

Trends evolve with time. So, what was normal in recent years may now be boring or outdated.

Moreover, new technologies that impact the overall functionality and enhance UX keep emerging.

In this new year, too, the scenario remains the same.

So, if you are looking to have a website design for startups this year, taking a minute to research web design trends for 2024 becomes incumbent.

To help you with that, we will put some expected trends in place through this article.

Let’s get to know about them!

Maximalism is re-emerging

There was a time when people shifted to minimalism in web design, burying those vibrant designs somewhere.

But now, maximalism is reappearing.

Brands are not staying confined to simple or bound by discipline.

Instead, web designers seem to break these norms by bringing out the messiness of minds in the form of web design.

maximalism in web design - Bitvero Limited Web design company London

image source: https://glitche.com/

Creative designs with bold and vibrant elements, including text, images and patterns, are taking an edge over those white backgrounds with a minimalist approach.

The reason behind this is the dominance of the Gen Z audience, who are crazy for bold aesthetics and visual stimulation.

It is like “Less is more” turns out to be “Less is bore” for them!

Seeing this tendency, more businesses surely are going to embrace boldness over simplicity or unclutteredness in web design for startups in 2024.

Interactive storytelling

Every startup has a story to tell, and yours is no exception.

But, when opting for web design services, coming up with an idea for how you will connect emotionally rather than just selling or promoting becomes crucial.

However, storytelling in web design is not a new concept. But the way you present it is changing.

source: https://www.sbs.com.au/theboat/

People like to immerse themselves in your story more than just reading about it.

In 2024, it will become more important for web designers to utilise interactive elements of storytelling.

Animations, video content, and 3D elements will dominate the scenario when it comes to enhancing UX through interactivity.

Web design agency for startups will play a crucial role in implementing these interactive storytelling elements.

Kinetic Typography

Sure, you can put up your web copies in static mode to convey the information.

But that would act like a cluster of words, losing somewhere in between your most important points or the message you want to highlight.

When bringing attention to a specific point is the purpose, Kinetic typography comes into the scene.

Typography + animation bring kinetic typography to web design.

Because it involves making a text move in motion and creating visual effects, capturing the attention of the user becomes easy.

source: https://dribbble.com/RVIZ

Though Kinetic typography in itself is not a new concept- recently, it has turned out to be an exciting trend among web designers.

The reason for its gaining popularity is obviously its ability to make content more dynamic, capture attention and entertain the user.

Because user engagement is becoming one of the most important aspects of website design for startups, it seems like kinetic typography is going to survive long in 2024 and beyond.

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Parallax Scrolling

The scrolling part of web design also keeps enhancing every year.

Because it is related to the user navigation revolutions in this field, e.g., parallax scrolling keeps emerging.

Parallax Scrolling in website design is a technique to create a sense of depth and illusion through visual experiences.

It is done by moving the different elements of the website at different speeds.

source: https://www.helloheco.com/

For example, the background image moves slower when the user scrolls through.

While the text written on it runs at a comparatively faster pace.

This gives users a fluid experience so they feel more immersive.

Parallax scrolling is a quite older concept but gained popularity in the 2010s.

However, at that time, it was more about using static images to create fluidity.

But in 2024 and beyond, we expect it to rise with a new twist, i.e., moving content like videos or live content.

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Vibrant Gradients

Instagram made gradients popular- first with its logo design and then through the story feature as well.

Seeing people loving the app icon, both graphic and web designers noted its potential impact.

Graphic designers utilise it to enhance their logo design further.

On the other hand, website designers think a step ahead, i.e., embrace it in a website design process.

 gradient trend in web design Bitveto London web design company

image source: https://www.awwwards.com/aquest/

The best part was that the idea did not turn out to be bad; instead made gradients a trend in web design.

The reason is that they create an appealing look and offer a way to add depth, dimensions and colour transitions to various elements of a website.

In 2024, you can apply gradients with colour shades aligning with your branding elements for your startup website.

They can be applied anywhere and, in any form, like backgrounds, buttons, text, and CTAs, to provide users with modern and engaging aesthetics.

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