Call-to-Action Guide: Crafting Compelling CTAs for Small Business Websites

Call to Action Guide Crafting Compelling CTAs for Small Business Websites

Sure, crafting compelling call-to-actions is not rocket science. But it is an art nevertheless.

Yes, you do not need a lengthy training for it.

But reading a handful of articles, careful observation, and a precious investment of time in implementing them can make you quite an expert in crafting an effective call to action.

This guide aims to suggest some tips about a strategic approach to consider for CTAs during small business web design.

Know your audience

Before adding CTAs to your small business website, knowing your target audience remains the first step.

That’s because you can guide people to take action only when you know what they are looking for and what their purpose is in enquiring about something – here, your website.

So, it becomes very important to find out answers to some questions like

  • Who are they?
  • What are their needs or desires?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their pain points etc. etc.

Once you are clear about all these things, placing the right CTAs in the right places will become easier.

Use verbs in action

Apparently, call-to-actions aim to motivate people to do something. And here, the verbs in action come into the scene.

Because CTAs are meant for conversion, using them through words that compel them to take immediate action works better

That means instead of simply saying “Contact us, ” you may use a more active phrase, such as “Schedule a call now!”

Create a sense of urgency

There is a human tendency.  We do get things done at a faster pace where fear of missing out (FOMO) comes our way.

So, when you design CTAs in a way that encourages users to take immediate prompt, they act more potentially.

To say, when you have a limited-time offer, ask them to hurry before they miss out on the opportunity.

This creates a sense of urgency in users’ minds, and this way, they end up clicking on your deal without having to think too much.

Highlight benefits

Why should a user proceed with your offering?

I mean, what benefit will they get if they do so?

People usually look at how your offerings differ (or are better) from others in the market.

Thus, highlighting benefits or your USPs becomes extremely important.

And doing so in the form of a CTA makes it even more impactful.

For example, if any of your offers help save money, you can use CTA like “Get a Discount.”

Or, if the customer is looking to solve a query at any point, you can place a CTA like “Discover Solutions Now. ”

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Make them visually appealing

CTAs are meant to stand out from the rest of your website content.

That’s because they aim to attract attention. So, being clearly visible becomes crucial for them.

Therefore, making them visually appealing through colour contrast or in different shapes makes them more prominent.

Another rationale is that you should never ever underestimate the importance of sight.

That means carefully choosing the colour combination that goes best with your overall branding elements and website design theme can be even more eye-catching.

visually appealing cta Bitvero Limited Website Design Company London

Learn the art of placing

Designing CTAs is one thing, and placing them is another.

Where to put what CTA is not that simple. It’s an art that you must graduate.

Positioning them in areas of high engagement or where users are most likely to notice makes a good strategy.

This can be a strategic area on any web page, including a product page, blog post, or home page.

Think of them as helpful guides, directing visitors to navigate easily throughout their user journey.

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Keep testing, tweaking, triumphing

Okay, you have placed all CTAs applying the tips given so far.

But finding if they go well or perform the best in your case is a must.

Therefore, experimenting with different colours, text, and locations for better results is important.

You must come up with different versions and A/B test them.

This will give you an idea of what actually resonates best with your audience.

Remember, even small tweaks can yield significant improvements.

Some examples of CTAs for different types of small businesses

If your small business uses an e-commerce website design to sell products, the best CTAs may be:

  • Shop Now
  • Get Free Shipping
  • Add to Cart
  • Browse Our Best Sellers

For service-based businesses, you may choose-

  • Schedule Your Free Consultation
  • Get a Quote
  • Learn More About Our Services
  • Download Our Free Guide

CTAs for the home page of web design for small businesses –

  • Get Started Today
  • Learn More About Us
  • Explore Our Product/Services

CTAs for blog page of small business website design

  • Subscribe for More Tips
  • Share This Post on social media
  • Read More on Our Website
  • “Leave a Comment Below

Remember these are just ideas. You know your business and offering better. So it is good to use them only if they go well with your audience.  If the scenario isn’t so, you may use them for just ideas or mould them accordingly, or search for more on the internet.

Or else, you can also take expert help from a professional web designer.  They better use their expertise to design CTAs or even a website as a whole.

Looking for a website design company in London?

If you are already in search of web design services for small business or startups, Bitvero is a call away.  With ten years of experience, we have designed several websites for our clients- both in the UK and abroad. Check out our website design portfolio or call us on 020 374 52786.






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