A marketing database

Pitching the right audience

Email marketing is one of the old but an effective way to keep in touch with your audience and next, we will discuss top #3 professional email marketing software’s in the industry

however, the process of email marketing depends on the audience you are willing to send your mailer, isn’t it

Pitching the right audience decides the success of your email marketing campaign

We can either

  • create or
  • source or
  • gather a marketing databases

Gathering a marketing database via subscriptions is the best, ethical and the most effective way to build your audience

mail chimp, constant contact and many other email marketing software’s provides subscription tools free of cost which you can embed in your website pages,

Subscription forms look like

Subscription Form

Moreover, building a subscriber base is challenging

Additionally, if you are planning to grow your audience via subscriptions make sure to have compelling offers and loads of relevant and fresh information for your visitors,

Database creation

Database creation is the method to handpick contacts you perceive as your potential customers from different sources and add them to your subscriber list in the hope of selling your products and services

after spending your precious time 🙂 and the mailer will be considered as unsolicited because you are sending the information without request

Searching the internet and gathering the relevant marketing data is not only tiring but challenging


Because if the mailer is not reaching the intended individual, you may end up sending repeated emails resulting in unsubscribe request soon

These sites can be used to gather free marketing database

However, if you are looking for exact details, you can always refer and check LinkedIn and Facebook accounts as companies and individuals generally provide authentic information on their social platforms

So now you can imagine the steps involved in creating a marketing database?

Below chart will help you understand the steps.

Database Creation

Yell Example

Outsourcing database

Credibility and reliability in this process is a question; ironically this is entirely a popular method where marketing database outsourcing and selling is more of a business as companies gather data and sell it to potential customers


Purchasing or outsourcing a marketing database is an easy way for small to medium business houses resulting in a high demand

Tools like

Are widely used in outsourcing different types of databases, these platforms are free to join, and outsourcing can be done very cost effectively

However, if you may think you hit a bull’s eye with 100 targeted marketing contacts in hand by just spending $5?

Think again?

Chances are the freelancer in front screwed you

You will realize this only after using the database stats with the number of bounces, wrong emails, spams to name a few!

So you have to ensure to set sturdy caps before order placement while working with freelancers and checking and re-checking the marketing database after delivery

These are the few tools to test and verify the email addresses are authentic

Using these tools will help you ensure the reliability of an email marketing database to a reasonable level either you outsource from a freelancer or purchasing an extensive email database outright,

However building a database by subscriptions is the best and most effective way and indeed yes very challenging as well as you are earning the subscriber and we all know earning needs hard working, it is time now to reevaluate your email marketing database and stop spending on the same if it is not producing results.

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