Handyman Website Tips That Boost Revenue

Handyman Website Tips That Boost Revenue bitvero website design company


Undeniably, boosting revenue remains the ultimate goal of business, including that of handymen.

No matter if it runs through a physical or digital space.

Sure, for your brick-and-mortar store, you have ideas to bring people to it.

You can do this through amazing window displays, signage banners, or other ways!

In the digital space, websites usually remain the selling point- or at least a source of your business existence.

So, as a handyman, if you have an online storefront to represent your services, it’s great!

Definitely, you won’t want it for the namesake. Right?

Instead, yielding revenue is what you expect from it. And that’s fair enough!

When you have invested in handyman website design, getting ROI is your right!

But that won’t be feasible unless you strategically make it possible

Your website also needs some effort to give results- just like the physical store.

If you are unsure how to do that, do not worry!

we have brought you some tips to help you boost revenue from your handyman website.

Let’s start!

Make it Mobile Friendly and Local

Nowadays, most users access websites through mobiles.

So, optimising websites for mobile phones becomes obvious.

In fact, your guiding principle during handyman website design has to be ensuring that it functions flawlessly—not only on desktops but also on mobile phones and tablets!

You can test on https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly if your website mobile-friendly

Moreover, it ought to have a “local focus” as well!

The reason is that handyman services are typically meant for customers in your vicinity.

Those within your city, province, or country.

So, when you give a local aspect, it is more likely to appear in local searches for handyman services.

By now, you must have got an idea we are suggesting for Local SEO

Well, it’s partially true; linking your handyman’s website with a Google My Business profile can help a lot.

However, it is not only about that; it is also about including some local keywords on the website itself. For instance, the UK’s trusted handyman service and deck repair services are in London, etc.

Show Expertise and Build Trust

Content lays the foundation of trust.

And also help you showcase your expertise.

Here, both text-based content and visuals excel if done creatively.

In particular, handymen have so much to showcase through the website.

Expertise, portfolios, services, skills and so on….

Sure, you can copy and paste your services on the website- as you think simply to inform people.

But for better revenue, you need to do something more creative, like:

  • More creative web copies persuading users to opt for your services.
  • Exceptional visuals of your completed projects or live skills.
  • Before and after images of your work
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Blog that discusses DIY tips

After all, it is all about convincing people to pick your service to breathe life into their faulty items.

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Pay attention to on-page SEO

Sure, you have a good website with good content that persuades customers.

But for that, you will first have to appear in search results to people looking for your services.

This can be done only when you insert relevant keywords in your content so that when people need your service, your website appears immediately.

Thus, on-page SEO becomes an important tip for boosting the revenue of your handyman website.

Increase conversions and bookings

Let’s say you have finally designed a website.

“A website with such good visuals and winning over web copies”.

But it’s just the beginning of what you have cooked so far.

Adding elements that help you in the eventual conversions is still left.

CTAs, online booking systems, and pricing estimators will influence customers’ minds about whether they should proceed with your services.

So, when your CTAs are clear: they will guide people to take action, which, in turn, more probably leading to conversions, will make your handyman website boost revenue.

In the next step, when users holding your hand in the form of CTAs have come to the final stage, a price estimator, you must provide them- with a rough idea of all the services they want to opt for.

And, in the final analysis, if they find your service cost with a breakdown affordable, a booking system you must integrate so they easily schedule appointments through the website itself, make it a tool to boost revenue, ultimately!

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That’s it!

We hope you successfully implement the strategies mentioned in this article to boost the revenue from your handyman website. If you are looking for an expert to do that on your behalf, you can talk to our SEO consultant. They thoroughly audit your website to see if it is lacking in optimisation. Moreover, if you want to get a website as a whole and thus  looking for a website design company in London, just check out our packages and discuss with us by giving us a call on 020 374 52786.







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