How to choose branding elements for startup websites

How to choose branding elements for startup websites Bitvero web design company


Are you a startup worrying about the branding element for your website?

If it is like you have no idea at all how to do that and where to begin?

What to choose and what to not!

How to choose and how to implement!

If all these things are overwhelming you, worry not!

This article will guide you. And, we are sure by the end of this you will get much idea about how to choose branding elements in website design for startups.

Let’s start!

Define your Brand Identity

Start with defining your brand identity.  Sure. You have a start-up business. But there are many.

So, what is the purpose of your startups?

What is its vision?

What problems will you solve?

What needs will you fulfil

Compared to other similar businesses, what sets you apart?

What values are you going to represent?

Of all these questions, if you get clear answers and implement the same, you take the first step towards your strong brand identity.

Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose your startup is all about offering sustainable clothing.

So, in this scenario, to define your brand identity, your answers could be like this:

define your brand identity bitvero web design company for startups

Understand your Target Audience

Who are the people who will show interest in your product or ultimately consume it?

Are they women or men?

Adults or old ones?

GenZs or Millenials?

And so on….

If we continue the above example and consider your sustainable clothes are for young women, the answer to such question will look like this:

Understand your Target Audience for branding of startup website design

Now, the point is how finding answers to these questions is important for successful branding during website design for startups.

Well, if you have an idea about that, you will mould branding elements like visuals, content, message tone, etc., on your startup website accordingly.

Thinking “how”?

The next section of this article covers all of them.

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Logo & Visual Elements

I would say the logo and tagline are the most important elements of successful branding.

I mean, if you see any famous brand—Coca-Cola or Nike—they are recognisable merely by their logo.

So, as a startup, when you go for branding services, nailing on a logo becomes very important.

Besides the logo, the colour palette you choose for your startup website is also an important branding element.

Again, this is interconnected with the audience and type of business.

If your audience is Genzs, you may choose bold colours.

Conversely, minimal colours- when it is for professionals or sophistication.

Fonts, message tone and the visuals you use on your website- all contribute to making a strong brand identity.

Of course, how you choose depends on various things, including the overall brand value and audience, as we also discussed earlier.

So, if we take that sustainable clothing example, that is how you can choose the right branding elements for startup websites.

logo and other branding visuals for startup website

Content & Messaging

Now, when you get right what your brand values and audience, choosing the tone of content and messaging is another crucial element for web design for startups.

What is the brand tone that goes with your values?

Is it formal or casual?

Funny or serious?

Witty or straightforward?

All this interrelates with your audience and other factors mentioned.

For instance, with the current example of a suitable clothing brand, your possible tone options could be


Responsive Website Design

Website design is one thing, and responsive web design is another.

If you have a responsive website, this somehow contributes to your overall branding.

Let us first understand that responsive web design means a website that responds to all types of screens.

That is, mobiles, tablets and desktops.

However, traditionally, websites were meant for desktops.  Mobile versions are something new that came into the scene after Google’s 2015 update. So, actually, a responsive website is one that adapts to a mobile phone screen.

A mobile-friendly website is crucial for branding because it provides a good user experience, which can build brand trust.

Wrapping up

So, by now you know how important is a strong brand identity for startups. And, for that, some elements of branding are needed. That doesn’t matter if you are doing branding over social media, a website or any other place on the internet. In this article, we have provided you with tips on how to choose branding elements for startup website design.

We hope you find them all easy to understand. And you like a pro, on your own incorporate all these elements into your website for startups. But still, if you find that the DIY approach can compromise on the quality you can choose us as your expert partner for all your branding needs.

Or in case, you are looking for a web design agency for startups for a website as a whole, we can also you with that as well.

We have affordable website design packages that you will love.

Here,  you can check them out or directly get in touch with us via call on 020 374 52786

Thank you!

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